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Originally Posted by ajfB004
Sorry dude any vehicle that says police on it is required to be a police car even if it resembles the word police it wil apply because the public woudl reasonably think if it says it it must be. Yours is close enough but if your remove the stickers before court and show the judge that they are no longer there I can guarantee that there will be no fine.
The statute does not say it has to look like CHP vehicle to apply, only that it resemble a police car or have police equipment.
Yours says it on the side so it was a good stop.
I disagree, I had logged over 1000 miles within California and Nevada with the Polizei E36 and had absolutely no issues. In fact, I asked a local Ventura PD officer at SoCal Euro about my ticket and he didn't understand why the CHP would have wasted their time with me.
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