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Originally Posted by Ventoux
Hello there.
allow me to ramble. Im in my late 30's and am being told im undergoing a midlife crisis. Its great! Ive never been a 'car person', that was until i decided to buy a BMW.

Anywhow. I bought an '03 525i a few months back, and since the day i got it; 1. I never knew driving could be enjoyable and, 2. i knew i wanted a car with more power. So basically ive decided to sell the 525 and get a used M3 Coupe an '02-03.

A few questions. Ive yet to drive the M3. I realize the ride quality wont be as smooth as the 525, but is it harsh? Will it be a chore to drive on roadtrips over 2 hours? This will not be my daily vehicle that i work in. It will stay in the garage for the most part during the day.
How cramped is the back seat? Is it tighter than the 3 Series? The same? One reason i got the 525 over the 3series was back seat room. But, im finding that i rarely have back seat passengers, besides, im always in the front driving.

am i crazy?
no you're not gping crazy, look at me, I enjoy my e90, i will be getting a 02 M3 cab for those kick ass moments.

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