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My Brother and I have detailed over 30 cars since 2005. We prefer Adams Polishes ( ) products simply because we have spent thousands of dollars on all the other stuff and adams for some reason IS the the BEST in our opinion. We turned a 20 yr old egg white mercedes back to bright white with claying and lots of elbow greese.

As for a clay bar I Recomend without a doubt the clay bar from ADAMS... We have used most of the clay bars out there and Adams claybar takes the cake. I beleive its from Japan and probably the best in the world. Clay Magic, Mothers, Mcguires have nothing on this clay bar. It is super sticky when you work with it.

Our Procedure
1.After washing you car.

2.Dry it with Adams detail spray and always use a clean microfiber towel. We never use terry clothes.

3.Flaten out the clay bar. Then pick a section of a car and spray it with detail spray and rub the clay on the paint. The clay bar should glide right over and you should feel the contaminents catch onto the clay. Keep it lubed with detail spray. After rubbing through out the section, detail spary again and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Move to the next section until complete. Start from the top of the car cuz it is cleanest. Be sure to work the clay bar between each section so the clay is clean & fresh.

4.Then always polish it with Adams Polish & Adams scratch remover. This brings out a luster that you guys who only wax will never see. We use a High power machine with this step this. (Porter Cable w/ clean pads from Adams) Then wipe with a clean microfiber towel and detail spray.

5.Then we use the butter wax with a microfiber applicator and wipe with a clean microfiber towel and detail spray. (by now your calling all your friends to check out the colors that you've never seen in the paint)

6.This is our secret use the brilliant spary glaze to finish it off with a clean microfiber applicator and remove with a clean microfiber towel.

Start in the morning. This definetly is something that will take you 4-8 hrs. Did I stress to use a CLEAN MICROFIBER towel? Clean is the KEY anytime you touch your paint, if its not clean it will swirl. Dont wash your car too often either... Use adams detail spray and a clean microfiber towel as needed (weekly). Trust us everyone jocks how clean our cars look and their dirty to us. We generally wash our own cars once a month depending on if the detail spray just wont cut it. In Southern Cali you just cant roll dirty. We recomend this process every 6 months if not garaged.

We have detailed Brand new cars off the lot and brought out color in the paint that the dealer have never seen with our process. We recomend to do an exterior detail immediatley after purchasing your car because there are already contaminants and you want to seel it with a wax ASAP... That dupont stuff from the dealer is cool but it falls off within a year.

If you are in the Los Angeles or Orange County area does full details starting at $225.00. Mention this Forum.[/COLOR][/I] We do exterior only starting at 125.00. We will go to your home or you can bring it to us.

Any further questions Tell a friend about our special and check out the website!

Oh Sh**.. I forgot IF YOU DROP THE CLAY BAR ON THE GROUND IT IS DONE!!! THROW IT AWAY OR YOU WILL SCRATCH THE CAR! Try to use half of the clay bar until you get comfortable (it saves it)

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