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Shop tech wrecked my M3 on joyride!!!

Hello All, This is my first thread on bimmerfest, but I'm sorry to say it's for sad reason. See story below, I'd love to get some opinions.

Part 1:
Ok Guys, this could be a long thread as the journey just begins...sorry for being so long.

I took my '03 M3 in to a local BMW dealership for an oil change and modest warranty service a few days ago and they completed the work, called me back and said to come and pick it up. The car had been worked on, taken for a 2 mile test drive, and signed off by the first technician. I missed the call, so I called my SA around 4:00 and was told my car had just been in an accident. Obviously shocked, I went down to the dealership with a work colleague.

Once my SA greeted me with the un-calming, "are you the M3 guy?", I was met by the Shop Foreman who told me that they have a "random testing procedure" that my car had been "randomly selected for a pre-determined route" for customer satisfaction purposes.

I enquired who was driving and how old they were, but wasn't shocked when I was told a 21 year old had been driving.

After seven miles of driving, apparently a car pulled out in front of him and he couldn't avoid it, causing him to lose control and spin out, 180'ing the car into the curb at close to 50 mph (estimated by the police who measured skid marks, etc). It was in a 30 mph zone, BTW. He was about 3 miles from the dealership at that point, so we can assume a 10 mile "loop"

Now the dealership is saying they will fix the car to it's original specs, but they haven't even put it on an alignment rack to measure the sub-frame/unibody. Their parts cost, without labor, paint, or the Schnitzer nose and HID fogs comes to over $6000.

The GM came out and said he was absolutely adamant that there will be no deduction against the resale value of the car as it will be back to factory specs, but you need to know it was in mint condition, never even dinged, and had a clean carfax when I brought it in.

I told them to not perform any work until I could evaluate my options (this was on Wednesday, crash on Tuesday), but by Friday I received a letter from their attorney stating I had to let them do the work or remove the car from the lot within 5 days, unless I be charged a daily "storage fee".

I hired an attorney, but what would you guys do? I really don't want the car back with a crash on it as I wouldn't have bought it that way in the first place. Plus, I know the value will be affected, not to mention and boogymen that might come out due to hit down the road, when the car's out of warranty. It hit rear driver side rim first, completely buckled the suspension and wheel, then bounced to the front blowing the side bags and taking the front wheel/suspension out, then blew the front bumper cover off.

That's it for now, bummed out, but appreciate any thoughts.

PS Looking for Stuka who had similar experience at savage BMW.
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