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Originally Posted by Greg220
This is the best ED lease calculation tool I have seen so far, thank you for sharing it!

I have only two questions:

- what exactly does cell A39 mean ["Difference in MF - $ amt over 24 mos (if used .00007 multiplier)] and why is it a negative number if dealer's MF markup is 0?

- cell D20 ("Total Paid at Signing") includes the 1st lease payment (D19). However cell D8 says "Total of Lease Pmts (not incl. 1st pmt, nor 2nd that BMW pays)". So, if BMW pays the 1st and 2nd payments, why is it included in D19 and D20?
Glad you are finding it helpful!

Re: A39 - that was a cell I had added because our dealer insisted that we only get .00005 per extra deposit, rather than .00007, so in our calcs we were looking at the money we would lose by getting only .00005 off instead of .00007 as dealer profit. (Basically, with 7 MSD's and nothing for dealer profit, we were getting an MF of .00176, so I took the difference between that and what the dealer was offering to figure out dealer profit.) I have updated the sheet by removing that cell and inserting cell A38 to show the $ profit resulting from the dealer markup of MF (just nominal $ over the length of the lease). Let me know if that helps and/or makes sense to do it that way.

Re: D20 - Looks like my wording was confusing. For D7, I meant that it did not include the first payment that you paid at signing, nor the second payment that you will not pay at all b/c BMW pays it. The first payment is included in D8 so I wanted to be clear I had not included it in D7 and therefore double counted it. And the second payment is not included in either one since you don't pay it at all. I updated the sheet to slightly change the wording in D7. Hope that helps!

I'll try to keep checking in here to see if there are any other issues.

To turpiwa and EvilM3 - not sure if you are refering to my spreadsheet, but if you are --
I recommend taking the spreadsheet with you on a laptop and getting the dealer to account for every single number that goes into it. That is what I did, and how I got this spreadsheet to where it is - when I was done going over each number with the finance person, she and I had exactly the same numbers input and were getting the exact same numbers on the back end. (She was using the BMWFS system, so it should be the same everywhere.) Also double check how taxes are handled - I did this lease in Minnesota, which requires the dealer to pay the taxes up front, though many people spread it out in the payments (we chose to pay it up front). Assuming you know how taxes are handled by your dealer, and you have the right calculation for taxes, everything else in this spreadsheet should give you the same numbers the dealer has, assuming they are telling you everything.
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