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Originally Posted by ianbjor View Post
OK - got the new BMW iPod adapter installed in my car today, and it works really well.

A couple of notes after about an hour's usage:
  • I have the Pioneer iPod interface attached to an AVIC-Z1 in my other car, and the BMW adapter with iDrive is MUCH better -- and easier to use.
  • When you first plug in the iPod and browse one of the 6 "discs", it takes a while for the iDrive to pull all of the song information off of the iPod. (I have over 4200 songs on my iPod)

    However, once it's "cached" the info, then scrolling through playlists, albums, artists, etc. is very fast. (In contrast to the Pioneer iPod interface, which could take minutes to scroll through all of artists or albums.
  • One thing I did notice is that I can only see 500 songs in one playlist. (This is documented in the iPod interface manual for cars that have iDrive without Navigation. The guide also mentions that you can only see 255 albums or artists, but I didn't notice this).
  • The part was $299.95 (-10% BWM CCA), and for my car (I have a 530i with a Feb 2006 build date, and did not have a changer), install was 2 hours labor. The install guide references 0.75 hours to install the part, but remember they do CIP programming.

You mention these limits are in the manual for cars w/iDrive but not Navigation. Do you know if cars with Nav have this same limit?
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