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Originally Posted by booyah View Post
Instead of putting money down--can we not put down multiple security deposits (MSD's) on these cars up to 7 times??? That would lower your monthly cost and also you get ALL that money back at the end of your lease!! Im I right on this?
Yes, but you really need to do the math to determine if it is worth it to you to put money down to reduce the cap cost.. thus reducing your monthly payment.. (I don't worry about totaling the car.. i'm an optimist )

or reducing the Money factor.. reducing your monhtly payment also, but not by as much as cap cost reduction...

Either way BMW is going to get you money one way or another.

Spending 700-800 per month on a 3 series is rediculous in my opinion. However if you arent putting any money up front, this is what you will be paying...

I worked out the 335i based on 3 years 15/miles per year to 650.00 with 3000 down. I havent worked out the security deposit method numbers yet..
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