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Originally Posted by stream View Post
Only 255 folders can be displayed per directory, so you can only view (and play) 255 artists and albums, and if you have more than that, you can't view the ones in the alphabet beyond those limits in those directories. An inelegant work-around would be to create a play list for each artist/album beyond the limit. Of course, I'm sure you're also limited to 255 folders (playlists) in the playlist directory. I have nearly 400 artists on in my iPod, so this is a pretty big issue for me. Could be a deal breaker.
Even if you could load all your artists, albums, etc. beyond 255, it's probably wouldn't be practical anyway. Unlike the iPod, where you can whip through all these in practically no time flat with your scroll wheel as it automatically accelerates the longer you scroll, using the iDrive takes forever to scroll. I did a test and it took me 1 minute and 16 seconds to scroll through the 255 artists it loaded up. That works out to about 10 artists every 3 seconds. For the poster here who has over 800 artists, that would end up working out to over 4 minutes to get to ZZ Topp. Are you really ever gonna do that?? Even just to get to the 100th artist takes 30 seconds.

For me, this isn't an issue because I use playlists or, most often, just put it on random for the entire iPod and let it randomize my entire collection. I rarely select by artist or album, even when the iPod is out of the car. If I get stuck on an artist for a few days, I just create a smart playlist for them.

So based on how you use your iPod is critical in figuring out if this solution is right for you. If you are into playlists, this solution makes sense. But if you are always selecting specific artists or albums to listen to, using the aux port which allows you to use the iPod to control things may be your best bet.
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