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Rear Spring Removal

Jack the rear end of the car up and put on Jack Stands. Be sure to chock the front wheels to prevent the car from rolling. I like to leave the jack under the car with a minimal amount of pressure just in case something goes wrong. Remove the rear wheels. You will now be looking at the stock spring (I know, my car is dirty, don't be too harsh!):

Unbolt the rear shock (18mm bolt) and use a jack to support the weight of the trailing arm (I did not completely remove the shock for this step). Also disconnect the Rear Swaybar Mount. The Rear Swaybar has a brake line that clips into a white holder. Be sure to disconnect this brake line at this time as well (it will pop right out). You will be lowering the trailing arm and you do not need any extra tension on that line. The Swaybar nut is a 13mm nut.

To remove the rear spring from the car, slowly lower the jack that is supporting the trailing arm. This will give you a small amount of play in the spring but not enough to remove it. Following the advice of both Shawn McCurdy and Dave Regis (I have included links to both of their excellent How-to's at the end of my write-up but want to thank both of them again for a job well done), I used a prybar to gently pry the spring up. You may also need to push down on the trailing arm a small bit as well. Once you have the bottom of the spring free, the top is easy to get out. On the bottom and top of the spring are rubber "bumpers", it is very clear which is which: the top has a fairly large 'teet' hanging down. I did not replace these as I am only at about 1500 miles on my car but it may be a good idea to replace if you actually drive your car (unlike me!).

Here is a picture of the Spring "Bumpers":

The Rear Spring should now be removed:

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the H&R Spring and the Stock Spring:

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