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Installation of the Front Struts

On the bottom of the new strut there are 3 holes. The 2 outer holes are for the Hex Bolt with Washers. The hole in the center mates with a 'nipple' that is on the inside of the brake/wheel. This can be a bit of a hassle and gave us a fair amount of trouble our first pass. I had to file off some of the paint on the inside of the hole on the strut in order to get the nipple to fit. If you try to install the strut and have trouble, don't worry. File a small amount of the paint away and it will fit fine.

To install the strut, bring the lower end in first (be aware of the brake lines!) and then bring the top in. This is the exact opposite of removal of the stock strut:

With the strut in place, put the Fit Bolt in first and then put the Self Locking Hex Nut #2 on loose. You should be able to get the two Hex Bolt with Washers in without any trouble. Tighten these three bolts. The Torque Value of the Hex Bolt with Washers is 107NM. The Fit Bolt's Torque is also 107NM. You will need to use a wrench to hold the Self Locking Hex Nut #2 (Also 18mm) while you tighten the Fit Bolt. Both the Fit Bolt as well as the Hex Bolt with Washers are 18mm.

Reconnect the Brake Lines to their holders.

Move into the engine bay and put the three Self Locking Collar Nuts in place. Do not torque these down, we will get to them later.

With strut in place, move onto the other side and repeat this process. Take the time now to once again clean the wheel wells and the inside of the wheels. Once both sides are done, put the wheels back on the car, remove the jack stands and lower the car onto the ramps (You will need the ramps at this point for the same reason you needed the boards when doing the back, your car is going to be over an inch shorter and you want to be sure you can get the jack out from under the car). Once the car is on the ramps, tighten the Self Locking Collar Nuts. The Torque value on these nuts is 22NM and should only be applied when there is a load on the strut (i.e. the car should not be on jack stands or on a jack when tightening them down).

So Now Then

Pull the car out of the garage and pop open another 40 of High Life. You are finished! After installation of the new suspension, take your car to a reputable mechanic and have it aligned. This was a very long and drawn out modification but is one of the best mods one can do to their Z (aside from adding some Leather accents to the interior!). Installation of the front struts took my dad and myself a good 3.5 hours.

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