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>Originally posted by Randy Forbes
>Nice job Andy.

>Question: since you were replacing most of the front strut parts >anyway, why did you not elect to use the M version upper >bearing to gain a little increase in castor and camber angle?

>I am under the impression that they would interchange, but I've >been wrong before...

>Your Coupe definitely looks better closer to the ground!

>Randy, I never even thought about it.

For what it's worth, I did what Randy suggests on a 2.8 Coupe that I had. I replaced the front struts with ones from an M Coupe. The change made a major improvement in the car's desire to follow abberations in the road surface (tramlining, I think) and pull the steering wheel around accordingly. In fact, it practically eliminated this unwanted aspect of the 2.8 Coupe's driving personality. Alignment specs became an M Coupe's with no further issues to deal with. The only difference noted was that the steering effort became a little firmer, which I didn't mind at all.

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