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I was looking forward to purchasing the E36 M3 till I read this thread and Wow! m3 has a lot of maintenance to worry about it gave me second thoughts of purchasing it. Im not worried about buying a m3 im more worried about second hand sellers not maintaining there vehicles properly and maintaining/replacing parts on time. Most of the m3s are around 100k miles for about $15k more or less nowadays which is all i can afford and if the m3 isnt maintained properly by the previous owner I or the new buyer will be having headaches dealing with mechanic issues and maybe even spending thousands more.
Anyhow I read many good things about the e36 m3 which caught my attention, especially knowing that the car can turn like its on rails but, is it really worth the money? maybe I should go with a 3series coupe E46 with less problems. what do you guys think? is m3 only worth it to m3 enthusiast who enjoys their car even after constant problems such as radiator /thermostat/waterpump etc. sigh* after reading all of these problems it gave me a head ache =/ anyhow if I do purchase a e36 m3 ^^ wayne@pelican I will definately purchase your book

Oh and thanks, this thread helped me a lot !! best thread with regular maintenace listed yet!

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