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Originally Posted by bimmernut9002 View Post
BIG AL said in another thread that his dealer in Germany suggests that one could keep their CD Changer and still have the IPOD connection? Does anyone know anything about this?
Although possible, I find it very hard to believe.

In order for the car to keep the CD changer which uses the CD Menus on the iDrive, BMW would have to create another menu choice in iDrive that is iPOD specific. This is highly unlikely by any manufacturer.

The reason is, they would be in the middle when Apple decides to make a change and if your car is under warranty, BMW is forced to fix.

By having a separate adaptor, BMW can say "At this point in time, these iPODs, with this firmware will work and is supported. If you do anything else you are on your own."

Manufacturers do not want vendor specific code mixed in with theirs. The MOST bus adapter is a CD changer to iPOD converter. There is no special iPOD specific code in the iDrive software itself.

The only possible way I can think of getting both the CD changer and the iPOD to work together is to have a MOST bus "Y" cable with a switch so you can activate the iPOD or CD Changer but not both at the same time.

I am clueless why folks would need a CD changer when they have an iPOD anyway. And certainly the in dash CD will play CD's/MP3's.
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