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Originally Posted by Zahnarzt View Post
Quick Detailer to one panel this evening. SWIRLS!!!
I have a Black Saph Met car too so swirls are easy to see. The problem I've had w/ QD's in general, is that where I live the car just accumulates too much surface "stuff" (exhaust soot, dirt/dust from construction, wind borne stuff, etc. ) to be able to use QD as an interim step betw washes. It hasn't mattered what the quality of the mf was, how much QD I applied, how lightly I wiped, etc., if there is crud on the car, visible or not, the act of wiping can put fine scratches in the clearcoat.

This has also been true for me with a CA duster. YMMV, but I live in an area w/ a fair amount of wind blowing all manner of stuff around, plus lots of new construction, plus LOTS of traffic/traffic jams w/cars and diesels sitting in traffic idling and belching soot, or kicking up freeway dust. One of the most congested in the country. I've lived in new construction 3 times in the area, twice since I had my car. The first time (w/o it) I wasn't far from the freeway, and I couldn't even leave my house windows open, because black soot from the freeway would set in on the window sills, blinds and floor.

I like QDs for their improvement to my car after I've washed it fwiw. Others use QD with better results.

One could argue that I don't wash my car enough then, and that's probably true for my context, but I don't neglect it, it's just that where I live it accumulates a lot of stuff very quickly.

That said, there is one product - Zaino Z6 - that helped prevent my car from accumulating dust at such a fast rate. I figured out that synthetic mf towels were imparting a static electrical charge to the surface of my car, causing it to attract particulate matter. The key one day was a small chunk of styrofoam was stuck to the vertical side of my car. When I went to touch what I thought was gum or goo, it came right off. When I held it near various parts of the car, it "jumped" to the car like a magnet. I posted this issue to the board and received feedback for Zaino Z6, and I think concours cotton towels were also suggested - which I now use instead of synthetic.

So, leaving out other steps like claying, polishing, waxing or glazing, I wash the car, add Z6 and a QD if I have any around. That's a routine wash for me. The Z6 keeps the car from accumulating dust too quickly, for you maybe it will help enable you to do the QD w/o washing b/c it may reduce the rate at which the car accumulates surface matter. I used to work in Chicago and don't remember the air being as dry as it is where I live now in N. CA. My .02, others MMV.

PS: 2 edits - I mention new construction b/c of the dust and dirt that get kicked up. The stuff gets into the garage, regardless of weather stripping, etc, since the garage has ventilation cutouts. In a windy area, like for me living in the hills or near vineyards, the pressure from the wind inevitably pushes dust/dirt into the garage, to say nothing of when the car is out and about. The other thing is I mention air in Chicago vs N. CA b/c here it is dry and I think that contributes to the static electricity. fwiw
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