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Originally Posted by DotBalm View Post
So, leaving out other steps like claying, polishing, waxing or glazing, I wash the car, add Z6 and a QD if I have any around. That's a routine wash for me.
Thanks for the help.

I live downtown and commute to the South Side every day right through the massive construction projects (, and the area in which I live is inundated with new construction. Same situation with leaving the windows open--I call it city goo.

Regarding your description of your regular wash, do you do separate steps with the Z6 and QD, or are you adding them to your wash water?

I've had pretty good luck with my California Duster. Love the thing. Easiest quick improvement thing I've used, and I haven't noticed any marks from it.

I was hoping the QD would be just a step above that, as I've used it with several cars before. The problem is that the cars I cleaned with it were much lighter in color, and they weren't anything special at that.

Regarding repairing the one panel of swirls I have now, will a quick wax take care of it? I have some leftover Zymol sitting around...

Thanks again!

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