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Exclamation It all depends

On what I need to do that day. Here in the Pacific NW, I can use my M Roadster as daily transport because we so rarely see snow here near sea level. My car choices are more driven by what I have to do each day.

If I'm driving carpool, then I either take the Audi (A6 2.7T) or the 1990 VW Van (depends on which one Diane, my wife, wants/needs).

If I'm hauling stuff, then the 1991 F250 gets the nod (as it did when I helped my son haul all his worldly possessions, including a 1988 535is, from Seattle to Worcester, Mass). . . . or if we're going skiing then the extended cab has room and the covered bed is a really easy place to put all the skis, snowboards, boots, poles etc and the 4WD with low range transfer case and winter tires can keep us out of most trouble.

If it's only me that needs carting around, then the Roadster gets the nod every time. I bought it to enjoy it and I enjoy driving it ALOT.
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