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BT success and treo 700p

Spent couple hours searching online and talking to local dealer about the whole treo compatibility. Had a sprint 650, easy interfacing- but only uses speed dial entries in phone book. Over 6 weeks solid use, had only one or two hiccups.

Took home today a verizon 700p, works essentially identical. Will need more time to assess for glitches, but so far no call dropping (frequently cited complaint in the various internet reports).

Seems to be a recurrent theme for BMW with such simple, common and popular devices (much like my carseat experience). You would think at 60K a pop, some entry level employee could be paid to check compatibility and safety for phones, car seats, and sundry other accessories. I expect glitches in specialty vehicles like a Z4 or perhaps even an M3, not a 5-series wagon. This type of guesswork is what I would expect when buying a domestic car.

Even our 2005 Prius fits a car seat better than the 2006 530xiT (although I ain't about to reclaim it from my wife any time soon...).
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