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Originally Posted by poolman View Post
I got the info from my dealer-they had already swapped out my coils after one went south after buying the car-1 year later was in for oil change and afterwards the service manager came out to tell ne that the coils were changed out with new Bosh units-the oem coils were trouble waiting to happen so BMW decided to do a recall and swap out new Bosh units.
As far as it goes-don't know what else I could tell ya, maybe someone her will chime in with info about the recall.
Good Luck
Good Call! 2003 was a bad year for coils for some reason. I had 2 go out on the coldest night of the year. BMW warrenty item so no questions. If you go to the NHTS web page and do a query, the coil thing comes up as a service bulletin and not a recall item (only way I know to differenciate the two is a recall is a safety related issue and a bulletin is a BS way for the maker to say theres something wrong that doesnt warrent the costs and negative image of a full blown recall.)

I'd still take it to the stealer and say WTF?!! And I'd go there with the printed bulletin info so they dont try to 'help-desk' you..."did you put gas in the car? Did you start it correctly?..."

Just my $.02

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