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I just picked up the new Samsung Blackjack SMARTPHONE (i607) from Cingular and I've been having problems pairing up the phone with the car. My old Cingular RAZR worked flawlessly, but I can't get this one to work. I've been able to get the phone paired with the car where it recognizes it on the idrive screen and on the phone but I can't place a call.

The phone indicates that it's connected to the car via bluetooth, but the idrive screen will say "please wait" for 1-2 minutes.....then nothing. While sitting in my car the Cingular rep transferred the call to the car and it worked over the car's speakers (even then it said "please wait" on the screen, but then quickly transferred back to the phone and we were unable to get it going again. I've played around with the phone for the better part of 2 hours now and I can't get it to transfer the call anymore.

I re-inserted my sim card into my old RAZR and added the device and got everything to pair up just fine.

Can anyone please help me?
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