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It was a tossup on the hats. I wanted them to look uniform front and rear.

I don't think Griot's carries their paint any more. The Eastwood stuff is really nice. Don't get it anywhere you don't want it to go. I cannot get it off. Fingernails included. Can says "contents partially unknown". Andy bought the matte silver which is a shade lighter than what I bought. Of course he has solide rotors in rear which makes his work a little easier.

I did do the IDs, just like you. I cleaned any overpainting with scotchbrite.

I will not be pleased if this paint does not hold up. This project was a crapload of work. I did not bead blast. I used wire wheel on my Milwaukee
and also a wire pipe cleaner. I watched Office Space 6 times while I prepped them.

If powdercoat holds up better and/or cad plate, I am interested.
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