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iPod Adapter Installed - Yuch!!!

Well, I finally got the iPod adapter installed for my 2007 750i. It has limitations and initiates very slowly. Great sound quality, but I may have the dealer un-install it and get my $539.00 back.

Here's the deal:There are things you don't find out about until after it's installed, like the fact that it only loads the song info for 1,000 songs, or that there is a limit of 250 artist names. Not very good considering that my iPod (30 GB iPOd with video) holds more than 10,000 songs.

Now for the really irritating part. Every time you start the car, the iPod has to re-load all of the song and artist info, which is understandable, but the problem is that it takes so long. It was taking 20 minutes! And it only loads the information for the first 1000 songs! (You can listen to more, but they have to be on playlists)!

Another major annoyance is that it starts playing the first song on the iPod, alphabetically by artist, so you have to wait for it to finish loading before you can switch artists, playlists, or albums. If this takes 20 minutes, you have to listen to the same 5-6 songs every time you get into the car! Ridiculous! I even reduced the number of songs from 3700 down to about 1600 and it still takes 8-10 minutes to load. I still have to listen to the same 2-3 songs at start-up, or switch over to SAT, FM, or CD while it loads.

Now for the really bad part. If I do switch over to SAT or FM, while the iBus is loading all of that song info, the entire iDrive system is very slow. Sometimes taking 20 seconds between screen changes. For example, while I am waiting for the song info to load, I switch over to SAT and attempt to change stations using the iDrive. The iDrive wheel sometimes just spins freely without the 'tactile' feedback it usually has, or when it does feel normal, when I change stations, the audio responds, but the display does not update for 15-20 seconds. Again, very annoying if you are trying to use the NAV to negotiate unfamiliar areas.

Once everything is loaded, it all works and sounds great, but either the tech that installed it totally hosed it up, or the design is so bad that I will probably remove it from the car and get my money back.

If anyone else has had this installed in an E65, please let me know if you experience the same issues or slowness. That will at least help me to determine if it's a bad design or a bad install.
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