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Some more information about Rolf:

Here is Rolf's picture.

Postal Address:
80788 Munchen
Street Address:
Konstanzer Strasse 39

phone/fax: +49 89 354-3636
mobile: +49 171 8251492

A couple of comments. When it comes to traveling, I'm amongst the cheapest individuals and spare most expenses that many would consider essential. I've chosen to ride on the back of the $1 scooter out of the airport in Cambodia over the $10 taxi; cramp myself for two hours with five locals in a bush taxi for $2.5 crossing the border into Cameroon, rented a dilapidated junk from a hole in the wall business in Colombia over better known agencies and traveled the country side... I could go on for pages on how to save a buck or two in foreign places by quickly adapting to what the local population does, so why did I choose something so seemingly pecunious as having an agent pick me up at the airport to take me to the delivery center versus just taking public transportation?
Well, Rolf's fee of 35E is ridiculously low compared to a taxi. It barely covers the cost of gas, specially if he shows up in a 7 series as he did when he picked me up. He has easy access to fleet vehicles, so he tries to use them if he can. He's quasi-retired and only does this to supplement his pension and perhaps keep himself entertained. More formally, he does Costumer Service for VIPs from Africa and the Caribbean, but since he has free time, he also brings ED purchasers from the airport to the center, and if they want, he can give them a private tour of the factory. He's been with BMW since '67, so if he keeps to the subject, he can provide a wealth of information.

You can still get to the center from the airport for less, but at about 10E for the circular route of the S/U-bahn there isn't much savings if there is more than one person in your party (I met up with my dad who had a recently operated knee so I was limiting the walking also). The train will also take at least an extra 40 min. so if you arrive in the afternoon as I did, you're cutting it close (I was scheduled to arrive at 1pm, but with some delays, I was by far, the last person at the delivery center, --I barely got to use my coupon for the cafe upstairs, as they were half-closing). You may save some time if you take the Luftansa shuttle to a bahn station as some have suggested, but then you haven't saved anything when you add the shuttle and the train.

Lastly, Rolf is a very chatting person, and unlike a cab driver, he knows exactly why you are there. So he can answer some questions if you still have them, such as driving regulations, or the meaning of some signs on the road if you haven't spent much time in Europe before. I mentioned to him my subsequent drive to Koln that evening, and he was able to suggest a place to stop midpoint 300km away where I could sample some sausages at a particular festival taking place that week.
So if you don't get an answer by email, I would suggest you spend the extra buck on the phone call to Germany and reach him on his mobile, give him your date and flight number, and he'll let you know if he's available.
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