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Originally Posted by Ventoux View Post
..for reasons i wont expound upon, im considering trading in my M3 (which i love) for a more practical (for me at this point) s4 Avant.
Will i be totally bummed, or is this a nice compromise of function/performance?
Its has to do with spouse, work, etc...
The B5 S4 has the 2.7 liter twin turbo engine. Lot's of torque and mod potential.
The B6 or B7 S4 has the 4.2 liter V-8 naturally aspirated engine. Good power, but it's their outgoing 5-valve per cylinder engine (vs the 4-valve per cylinder newer V-8 in the RS4). The Audi won't handle as well as the M3, but if you need more room and 4 doors, it could work.

Originally Posted by Ventoux
having clients/managers, have to climb into the back of a coupe is less than ideal. Hauling around the items i have to haul for work is difficult in an M3. My SUV is on the blink and will probably die soon, so i cant rely on it. My wife doesnt like driving the M3. ....and so on...
if i can make it work and carry these two car notes, great, but right now i dont think i want to
Typically, a client transportation scenario, especially when you have two or more at once, calls for a 4-door vehicle. If your wife doesn't like to drive the M3, yet needs to; well, that's not a good combo either. And, of course, the $$$ come into play. Sounds like you'll need to make a change (in vehicles, that is!).

Originally Posted by Ventoux
No, manual isnt an option. She wont even drive the SMG.
The whole logistics and "why" issues are more complicated than i wanted to get into here. A trunk is actually inadequate for what i do. Ive always used an SUV, so i thought a somewhat sporty wagon may be a decent compromise. Im in sales, and there is an issue of appearance. Some people look at sales people(specifically my industry) driving $40k Bimmers with disdain. While they never think twice about sales people in a $50k Tahoe or whatver. Like i said, there are a miriad of reasons im considering all this horror...
I should have just asked how the S4 compares, whats Tiptronic like, bad, and thanks for all the feedback...
Again, she won't drive SMG, yet needs to drive the car at hand. Change cars.
The B6/B7 S4 has a good 6-speed automatic (marketing name: Tiptronic).
Since it's an auto-tranny, your wife would be fine.
However, if in your judgement, having the Audi would still be a negative in your job, there are certainly many other options.

Originally Posted by Ventoux
Oh, and actually the wife says, "you are NOT selling that car!"
Wait a minute. She won't drive the SMG M3, and at the same time tells you you're not to sell the car?
Is she willing to pony up for two notes? Are you?
Maybe you could pull it off by getting a clean, relatively new Chevy Blazer or Tahoe, and keep the M?

Good luck with your decision!
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