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This started last week, my car would not start. So I jumpstarted it. I figured if I drive it to work, it may bring the battery back to life.

i took it for a ride to work, which is about an hour drive one way. (i usually don't drive the car this far since I take public transportation). On the way home, the car almost didn't start, but it did, and i didn't need a jumpstart. AFter that I left the car unused for a week. We went out of town with the other car until last night.

Last night, I started the car and again it was kinda weak, but it starts and it didn't need jumpstarting. I was surprised since the battery kept up for a week.

This morning, however, it wouldn't start at all. There is a clicking sound, that's about it. maybe because last night i only started it, but didn't drive it or leave the engine long enough to have the battery charged.

I peeeled off the sticker on top of the battery and added distilled water and drove it for a like 20 minutes or so. still didn't help, the car wouldn't start.

So i went to Monument AutoParts and coughed up $90 for the ACDelco Battery. Installed it and it's working fine now.
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