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Originally posted by DannO
The EML light is hard to miss. It's orange and looks like this:


I'm the other guy with these lights. Well, one of them at least. '01 s54, stock engine and drivetrain, well cared for, 13.7k miles.

Dealer said the codes were being caused by a bad throttle potentiometer. There are two on the fuel rail - one on the front, one on the back. Apparently these provide feedback to the ECU of the throttle's actual position, closing the control circuit. My front pot wasn't reading the same as the back one, so clearly one of them was messed up. I assume they determined the front one was problematic because the rear one was correct? Something like that anyway...

My car has "bucked" as gbrown described when the lights were triggered, but I have never lost throttle response. Sounds wonderful.

You guys seen the rumor mill on .org's m3 board about BMW extending the warranty for these engines to 6yr 100k? If it's true I don't know if I should laugh or cry... I think I'll reserve judgement until 2007.

The part had to be ordered. Hopefully will be installed tomorrow or early next week. I'll post the results. Fingers crossed.
Very common problem on electronic throttles I guess...There's another S54 that I know has had this problem, along with NUMEROUS M54 engines.
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