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sorry to hear your bad luck, w/c reminds me to better get my LoJack re-registered under my name

Originally Posted by Ventoux View Post
to be brief. home was invaded as i was out of town and wife was asleep. they took all kinds of goodies including LCD tv, iPods, Ipod speakers, etc.. . went into my wifes room as she slept and went thru her purse.

they also got my keys. cops couldnt get into my car, because they locked the door and i had the other key. i fly home that night, check out my car which is amazingly still there. everything from the glove box is on my seat, even a blackberry that i dont use anymore. they stole my iPod of course, and...The Owners Manual.

So i figure they couldnt figure out how to work the SMG to start it, and that they plan on studying and coming back. I take my car, park it in the small space we have off the street and block it with my other car. All appears well that morning. That day i take it to the dealer, get all the other keys disabled (this only disables the electronics, not the ability to open the door). That night, i park it on the street. I debate putting a sign in the window that says GO F___ Yourself; but im afraid theyll trash it. Next morning, i can see from they house they tried to get it again, as the emergency brake is down.

They also stole my registration whish was with the owners man book. this meant they could possibly go to a dealer with a fake ID and get keys made for the car. Anyhow, i am replacing the cores and everything at the price of $1000. Not sure if insurance is going to pay or not.

the only good thing, is that my wife didnt wake up that night and they didnt touch her. If i would hae been home, someone would have probably been killed.
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