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Purchased the hard top along with car including dealer installation. First top had cosmetic problems which they buffed out, and it did not fit square in the rear, with a lot of overhang on the right as comapred to the left. A service visit to adjust it found that the top was warped near the front. A second one was ordered, but the headliner of that one was defective, so they synthesized a new top using the headliner from warped top #1 mounted in top #2. Number 2 now fits square, but makes a lot of creaking and popping over bumps, unlike top #1. Top #3 is then ordered with approval of BMW technician. Tomorrow I go back to the dealer to have #3 installed. Keep your fingers crossed ...

This tale is only cautionary, as BMW Seattle and BMW NA has been 110% attentive in getting this resolved. Stuff happens, and they are doing a great job un-stuffing it. Kudos. I hope that your top is under warranty. Also, if the front screws are not really tight, it can rattle and make a lot of wind noise.
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