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Originally Posted by Britannia View Post
I've got the aux input in the middle comparment under the armrest.

I'm assuming there is no power from the aux input so the iPod will run out of battery in a few hours.

Does any one know how you get power there? Can you hard wire a 9v dc adapter to the carphone cradle?
Not a 6 series, but i wired up an additional 12V outlet in the arm rest of my E60 to connect the monster iCharge to. This would give you power (and aux if you have it installed) in the center console.

Write up for the Aux install (5 series) with pictures of dash dismantling -

Write up for adding 12V outet to center console via modifying the "flashlight harness" that normally turns the glovebox flashlight into another 12V outlet -

I've only been in the M6 and I didn't really pay much attention to the glove box/arm rest area, so I'm not sure how much the M6/6 differ from the 5, but if you have rear 12V outlets on the 6, you should be able to tap them as a power source for my mod.
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