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Originally posted by PhilH
I sort of hope it's a flop, and I wish the 7-series was doing worse. The long hood is OK, but as with the 7, too much is going on with the details. I dislike the interior, too. However, the performance numbers for a Z4 3.0 are similar to the Boxster and the price is lower.

It doesn't help that nearly all of the Z4's wheels designs suck IMO.

If a convertible isn't selling when it's a fresh, new design, can you imagine how few Z4s they'll sell four years from now?

Bangle needs to lose his job now, before it's time to finalize the E90.
Funny. The one element of the Z4 I DO like is it's interior. I hate (despise, actually) both the interior and exterior of the E65 and I can't stand the Z4's exterior either. But it's interior is simple and functional. And no I-Drive.
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