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Mein Auto: a BMW killer
a) why would anyone try to compare a roadster sportscar with a sedan/coupe; totally different market and reason to buy. Convertibles always cost more. What other roadsters are available that compare:

Mazda Miata; some people think it's overpriced for what you get, a nice runabout roadster with an economical price but comes up quite short on performance and technical features

Honda S2000; nice price at $33k, but no torque gets tiring and it's quirky handling is legendary for besting all but the most experienced drivers, hasn't proven reliable for autox/track

BMW 330ic; $51k+ fully optioned, nice land yacht, but not in the same class performance or intended-use wise

Mercedes-Benz SLK 230; priced one of those out lately fully optioned?, still no comparison performance wise, a Miata has more space and that's not much, about equivalent to a Z4 2.5 with less performance but starts at $41k, the retracting metal top has it's advantages and disadvantages

Mercedes-Benz SLK 320; starts around $46k and escalates quickly from there, 3.2L V-6 engine is torquey at the expense of hp which it needs to get the excess weight moving, no threat to the Z4 3.0 in the turns or down the straights, or at the dealership for that matter

Porsche Boxster 2.7; if you think the options stack up on a Z4 you ain't seen nothing yet, $55k easily obtainable and it's a bit short on performance too, design is getting dated

Porsche Boxster S: now we're heading over the top on cost, but it is a bit better on performance so maybe you can justify the expense.

What else did I forget?

b) why would anyone load up a sportscar with a bunch of unnecessary pozeur options? Oops, answered my own question.

c) obviously none of you has driven a 3.0 6 speed w/Sport option; it is one of the best handling BMW's ever built, neutral & stable beyond belief, one of the easiest cars to go fast in. I still chuckle to myself when I recall all the hulabaloo over the latest M5's handling when it was introduced. Ever seen one at a National level autox? I have, what a total joke, or rather, total pig. The Z4 drivetrain is well proven to be bulletproof, you can hammer on it all day at the autox/track and it won't flinch.

d) large numbers on the lot mean nothing, warm or cold climates. The larger dealers carry larger inventories and they intentionally trailed off Z3 inventory to avoid being caught with dead weight. Sales numbers are in line with Z3 numbers in the past for this time of year. The local dealer here (moderate climate) is selling them without much delay, and this is a very conservative town. Also, the 3.0 was only available the first several months of intro w/the Steptronic auto trans. The 6 speed just started hitting the dealerships around Dec. 12 and most of those aren't sitting around too long, at least the ones that are making the lot which weren't sold in advance; there was a backlog of 3.0 6 speed orders waiting for production to begin.

ps: Z4 3.0 6 speed w/Sport option only out the door for $41k

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