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Mein Auto: a BMW killer
Originally posted by nate328Ci
I dunno about that, it is in the 40s today in Orlando...

But, there are a lot sitting at dealers it seems.

I think marketing did a bad job promoting the car, no hype about it whatsoever. Anyway, we will see how sales are doing when the figures are published.

re: price, don't think the car is too expensive, just the options.

And, the 2.5L is plenty of power in a car of the Z4's size. 2900lbs.

Well consider this; why would you dump a bunch of money on advertising a new vehicle during a period you expect sales volume to be low? BMW received flack for releasing the Z4 during the slow sales period, but it's easy to be judgemental when your ignorant of the reality of building cars. Which do you think is smarter; releasing a new vehicle and working out production line issues, etc. when sales demand is high or when sales demend is low? BMW has proven to be quite a successful privately owned company; they're quite a bit smarter than some people give them credit for.

As for option prices, have you seen the price Porsche wants for just a wheel/tire upgrade? There are plenty of BMW buyers who walk in and just plunk down the cash for what they want, regardless of the cost. Again, if you were BMW management what would you do in this situation; be the tooth fairy or generate as much profit as possible?
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