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The battery in my '02 M3 Cab went out on New Years Eve.

The stealership wanted some outrageous amount of money ($380 I think somthing like that) to replace it. Hacking, coughing, writhing and collapsing onto the floor, I managed to crawl out of there and rescue both my car and myself from their greedy meathooks. Next.

Sears indicated that they don't carry a battery for my car and that the stealer is the only one who carries it.

I almost returned to the rape room but instead decided to try AutoZone. Autozone saved my schphinctor by revealing the lies Sears told me. Not only does AutoZone carry them but this particular location only had one left--which doesn't surprise me after seeing the number of similar postings on this thread.

I purchased "Item no. 603386 - 94R-DLG Gold B 8 Year Battery" and installed it in a matter of minutes. It works perfectly.

The price I paid is what concerns me. I paid $119.00 for mine! WTF!

Someone please tell me that there's a difference between my "Item no. 603386 - 94R-DLG Gold B 8 Year Battery" and the $59.00 batteries some of you have purchased which would account for the price difference. Please!

If not, I'm going to have to go back to Autozone and eat someones lunch.
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