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Re: This is weird...

Originally posted by Gus
My VIN is in conflict with many things on that list. For instance, digit #5 on my car is M wich translates to a M Coupe 00 (my car is a 1999!), later confirmed by the X on digit 10. Now the big question is the L on digit 11 which corresponds to Greer, S.C. plant (my car is "Euro spec with the S50B32 motor), yet when Ron once put my VIN on the ETK CD, it came back as ZA spec (South Africa)! After speaking with BMW of Africa, they told me my car could not be ZA specs because all ZA specs BMWs are right hand drive and my car is left hand drive (the same as in USA). In case anyone is interested, my VIN # is WBSCM9103XLB56588. So, where did BMW mess up?
Actually your VIN makes sense. I just think the list Ron sourced is somewhat incomplete and a 5th digit of "M" should be listed as M Coupe (99-00) just like "N" is as M Coupe (01-02).

As a mentioned in a previous post the list is also missing "M" as a valid 3rd digit value. My car, a 2002 US-spec M Coupe, is "5UMCN934...".

As fo the ETK showing your car as a "ZA-spec" I'm not surprised. The exported (from North America perspective) M Coupes all seem to have "LB5xxxx" series numbers and it probably wouldn't take much for the database referencing VINs to specification to get out of whack.
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