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Here's the little I know...

I basically have little clue about non-US VIN ranges.

VIN Breakdown...

1-3: Mfg. Code
WBS -- BMW M GmbH, Munich
5UM -- BMW MC, Greer, SC

4-6: Vehicle Description Section
Model Code (see below)

7: Further Model Info
1 - LHD Europe / non-US/NA
2 -- RHD (Right Hand Drive)

8: Restraint System (only applies to US cars)
2-- Manual Seat Belts w/ Dual SRS Airbags
3-- Manual Seat Belts w/ Depowered Dual
SRS airbags (may have side airbags)
4-- Manual Seatbelts w/ Depowered Dual SRS airbags
with side airbags
Often "0" for non-US/NA cars

9: Check Digit

10: Model Year (applies to US cars and some non-US/NA)
T-1996, V-1997, W-1998, X-1999, Y-2000, 1-2001, 2-2002
Often, but not always, 0 for non-US/NA cars

11: Plant of Manufacture
L--Greer, SC USA (Always)

12-17: Serial Number (6 Digits, see below)

Model Codes:
CK9 M roadster (E36/7 S50/B32-S52/B32) Euro 1997-2000, US 1998-2000
CL9 M roadster (E36/7 S54/B32) 2001-2002
CM9 M coupe (E36/8 S50/B32-522/B32) Euro/US 1999-2000
CN9 M coupe (E36/8 S54/B32) 2001-2002

Serial Number Ranges:
1998 (W) 1999 (X) 2000 (Y) 2001 (1) 2002 (2)
M Roadster C85>C87? C88?>C89 C90>C93 J80 J82
M Roadster* B64?
M Coupe C60>C61 C61>C62 K60 K61
M Coupe * B56? B55?

* = Euro / non-US/NA
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