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Re: Re: Here's the little I know...

Originally posted by Bruce
Yes...slip of the finger on the RHD and LHD thing. 2 = RHD. appears what you copied for VINs is what I put together a few years ago (hadn't updated it in probably 3 years). So that info is mine and going from some data and some observations of mine. So....take that info with a grain of salt as to absolute correctness.
Digit 7 identifies LHD vs. RHD.

Digits 1 throught 3 are the Country of Origin, Mnaufacturer, and Manufacturer's Division/Unit.

Sorry about the confusion but the numbers that start the header for each section are the digit position in the VIN.

I've long forgotten where this originally came from (Thanks, sorry for no attribution) but I've done some research trying to verify it. Other than the incomplete VIN range listing (messed up as you see it formatted above) I feel pretty happy with it.
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