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Mod 14
Finished mounting and wiring for Microvision DVD player. Much thanks to Chris and Herm at BMS for instructing me when needed! Now for pics...

The yellow wire connects to constant power via a terminal under the black plastic cover.

Visible in this picture are the Tv Free and AV input wire harnesses, under the big black bracket and silver BMW Tv Module. The IR eye plug (small, black), power plug (4-pin, white), and AV plugs (yellow, red, white) can be seen on the left, below where the DVD player will be mounted. Also, you can see the stock trunk light temporarily strapped to the large black bracket (waiting for panel fabrication).

This is where I mounted the egg-shaped IR eye. Chris told me how to gently tuck the wire into the headliner and run it to the trunk. It was actually very easy - I only had to pop off the A and B pillar covers as all the trunk panels had been removed earlier. The IR eye is actually much less visible in the car than this picture would make it seem. The flash is like hitting it with a spotlight, and taking a picture with no flash was too blurry in my garage. Anyway, you get the idea.

The DVD mounted.

The DVD mounted, showing the whole trunk. It will be covered by a custom removable panel, which will be next on my work list.

This is the temporary location of the on/off switch that will allow me to power up/down the DVD player with the key out of the ignition (when gassing up the car, etc.). Once I fabricate the side panels I'll mount it properly in an appropriate location.
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