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ALL cars have their problems buddy. The simple reason being that they are designed by humans and even the best of the best make mistakes and dont account for things.

Yes, BMW's have their problems but are a lot more reliable than many many cars. Plus because they are so amazing to drive, you put up with the little niggles.

I would rather have a great car that i love to drive every second that has a few small problems than a car that bores me stupid but is 100 percent reliable (not that a 100 percent reliable make of car exists of course, the Honda V-Tech engine gets close but the car has issues!)

You will note that none of the above are REALLY bad. Not like "The M52 engine is prone to blow up" or "the diff is prone to locking up at high speed", they are little niggles and many of them are cheap (ish) fixes

The one they missed is "All BMW stealers are ar5eholes and the spore of all evil"

Avoid stealers and you will be laughing mate. Put simply, the E36 is awesome....truly awesome
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