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Mod 17
70mm BMW roundels for the new RGRs. Here they are mounted on the BBS center caps (after removing the BBS logo plate):

Mod 18
Yesterday I took the Coupe down to BMS to get my new RGRs and RA-1s mounted.
Here is a nice pic of my Coupe reflected in Marshall's Black/Imola M3 Cabriolet:

This was actually my third trip for this very purpose The first set of RGRs, recieved more than a week ago, looked like this:

So we sent them back and had them (Zone Wheels) send us another set. The second set's finishes were a little closer, but still the rears were noticeably darker than the fronts So Chris called our guy at Zone Wheels, who got on the phone with BBS NA and had them: 1) Pull wheels in their warehouse in GA until they found a set that matched. 2) Overnight them at their expense to BMS. Props to Chris at BMS and Brad at Zone Wheels for sticking to their guns and sorting out the mess!

The third set looks like this:

Obviously there is some process variance between the plant that makes the 8.5" wheels and the plant that makes the 10" wheels, but these two are close enough in shade that they look fine on the car. Speaking of which, here are some pics (bear in mind that car had not yet been driven, so the suspension was still "pinched" up by the sticky tires after coming down off the rack):

p.s. According to my math, the car to-date weighs 35.95lbs less than stock, or 3267lbs. The weight saved from the wheel/tire swap was 4lbs per corner. Note that when we weighed my Contis they had been through two grueling track days and the RA-1s were "fresh off the boat". So the difference is probably closer to 4.5-5lbs per corner.

p.p.s. The RA-1s, despite not yet being broken in, stick like MAD!

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