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Originally Posted by SenSpeed View Post
definition of defend here is blowing it off as something that is expected or writing a problem off as a minor bug. I would be angry and embarassed if my 46k vehicle started sputtering before I even finished the break-in.

I am a previous owner of a s2000, and on the forums whenever a cluth problem, or tranny problem appears everyone on the forums would be all over it. None of this "ah it's nothing" or "hey, it's just the teething process".

Of course it is always difficult to criticize your baby.
Maybe there is just a different perspective coming from BMW owners compared to, in your example, S2000 owners. I'm a pretty laid back guy. If my car had the fuel pump problem I'd make an appointment, drive a loaner for a week, and then get my car back fixed. If it were another brand of car I'd look at this issue the exact same way. If I continued to have problems then I would start to look at other solution; but right now this particular problem seems to be well handled. I don't know, that's just me.
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