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I'm pretty appalled at the weight. This isn't progress. It is unavoidable I suppose because the chassis just keeps getting bigger every generation (why? stop!).

To put all this money into the engine, to make it 30lbs lighter, and the roof, and end up 61lbs heavier than the e46 which was already too heavy, is ridiculous, imo.

You can't make up for weight with power alone, unless you are just a drag racer (in which case you could have bought a mustang)

Part of the greatness of BMW is nimble handling, grip, and all around performance. You cannot get that with 3,500lbs of weight. To handle the thermal load from a car that heavy when cornering you would need something like 335mm tires all around and that isn't going to be nimble, or reasonable.

I guess I can vote with my dollars and go buy an E36 M3, and find a way to get this new engine in it =)

The new M3 is a sweet car, but it seems more like a slightly lighter M5 than what I think of as being a great M3. When comparing the M3 to cars like a GTO or Mustang you used to be able to point and laugh at the overweight american iron...not so much anymore.

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