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Not trying to sound rude, but before someone flames you for your question do a search here for SMG. Also you can google it and come up with some pretty in depth info on how it works. SMG is not an Automatic, it's a manual trans without a clutch pedal in the cab. clutching is controlled by the computer, you have different settings you can pick from to suit your driving pleasures. It does have a "D" drivelogic mode that allows the OBC to control the shifts, however it does get a little goofy at times. If not careful, it'll make you look like a total NOOb trying to drive a stick. In "S" mode(or "A". I'm going to start something here.) you control the shift either by the paddles on the steering wheel or by the stick on the console. There are different settings for both modes 1 thru 5 attainable in both or a S6 mode (manual shift only) with the DSC turned off. The difference being in 1 it shifts very smooth, almost to the point of boring(but it's an M, never boring.) and in 6 it will shift so fast gear to gear that you can pin your passangers head to the headrest.
I know I didn't go into full detail on the SMG but I hope this will help clear some stuff up for you. Happy hunting.
04 SMG M3 basically stock except for K&N FIPK and new michellin Pilot Sports PS2"'s.

Is your name Mater too?????
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