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Originally Posted by mjames View Post
Definitely not a manual. I came from steptronic and it's a whole different beast.

It is a manual (that's the M in SMG), only without a clutch pedal.
The difference is that you use the paddles behind the steering wheel to shift. And you can only shift sequentially (from 2 to 3, 3 to 4, etc. No 2 to 4. That's the S in SMG).
Once the computer detects that you pushed the paddle, the clutch is activated hydraulically and the gear is shifted automatically for you. Because a computer serves as the "middle man", it's very natural to also offer a fully automated mode, where the computer takes over the entire operation and determines where and when to shift (much like how the Steptronic works). Perhaps this is what causes the misunderstanding. SMG is not an automatic transmission. There's no torque converter, like in the steptronic, so shifts are not as smooth. There is, however, a real clutch, like in the manual, but shifts happen faster and smoother than when operated by a typical human driver (the computer mimics an expert shifter, complete with rev matching and all).
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