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I can talk about Klasse cuz I use the twins on my car. I've used AIO on the wheels before, followed by one coat of HGSG.

Last fall I had a real mess on my hands of baked on dust. I spent hours getting my 135s clean. AIO did a really good job with most of it. I used Sonus SFX-1 for some of the mess that required a little abrasiveness. Clay bar too. I followed with HGSG and this lasted pretty well until spring.

I like Rejex better in this application. AIO will chemically clean any other protection you have from the wheels, I'm pretty sure about that. So to start fresh, it's a good step before applying other products. Even some Zaino users start with AIO.

I'm in the middle of a full-on detailing assault on my car, but next week after I've accumulated some dust, I'll take some pics that demonstrate the wonders of Rejex. I'm seriously thinking about using it below the belt line on this detail job.
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