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Originally Posted by lukeeesteve View Post
Trip Summary:

Day 1-2: Munich
Day 3: Munich to Verona
Day 4: Verona
Day 5: Verona to Florence
Day 6 to 9: Florence with day trips to Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca and Pisa
Day 10: Florence to Fussen
Day 11: Fussen to Augsburg
Day 12: Augsburg to Colmburg with stops at Donauworth and Nordlingen
Day 13: Colmburg to Rothenburg
Day 14: Rothenburg to Munich
Day 15-16: Munich

Day 1 - 2 pics commentary:
Pic 1: Marienplatz
Pic 2: Dinner at mandatory Beer Garden
Pic 3: Taking the U bahn - Directons to delivery center turn right at path (trash can)
Pic 4: Walk to the end of the street
Pic 5: Turn left at Volckerstrasse
Pic 6: And you will see the BMW delivery center.....Hope that this is peace of mind for mind the directions that BMW provides

More to come....
Keep them coming, but March is an ugly time to pick up a car. Late April early May had warm clear sky weather.
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