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Stupid Easy, 10min Seatbelt Guide Fix

Hey all, first post here.
Bought my first BMW last week (2001 Z3 3.0i) and other then being really unimpressed with the quality of the plastics, I really like this little car!

Anyways, from reading the posts around here, I see the seatbelt guides breakage is a common issue, and there are a few good write ups and/or "kits" out there.

I REALLY wasn't into taking my seats apart, and I had already bought the new guides from BMW when I found out what a PITA they were to thinking cap on time.

Seeing as the last seven vehicles I've own/ed are Jeeps, I'm used to fixing things that should have been taken care of at the factory

Anyways enough blah blah blah...


1 - Drill (on hand)
1 - Drill Bit (on hand or about $1-2 to buy, I used an 11/64 but a 3/16 should be fine too)
1 - Counter Bore or large drill bit (1/2"ish should do it) (i already have a counterbore bit on hand, but you can buy a cheap one from Home Depot for <$5)
1 or 2 - New guides from BMW (mine were #52 10 8 410 505 and 52 10 8 410 506) ($$$ in Canada )
4 - #8 Nylon Drywall Anchors ($2)

1) Remove any remaining pieces of the old clips

2) Drill holes through the Guides using the tabs as a drill guide

3) Counterbore the exit holes just enough for the screw it sit kind of flush (i may change the screws to a counterbore type in the future)

4) Remove the tabs sticking out of the back (i used a grinder, but a sharp knife and some patients should do it)

5) Screw in the nylon anchors, make sure you are screwing into the plastic backing in the seat, not just the foam.

6) Screw the guides to the seat and paint, jiffy or whatever the screwheads (i will buy some flat black model paint later)

7) Don't tell whoever broke the guide (in this case it was my wife) how easy it was to fix and ride the guilt wave as long as possible (ie: damn it honey, now I HAVE to go buy that new tool to fix this)

Best part about this fix, is if it breaks again, it is a quick replacement.

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