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Mein Auto:
Take a look at how dogs act. They urinate all over the place to "mark" areas as "theirs." A lot of these frustrated, unappreciated, loser male types do the same thing, in a slightly different way.

The GF I had who got the Bavaria (see my sig, below) in 1972 when I bought the 3.0CS used to call the 3.0CS the "purple penis." While I did not have those issues (I hope!), a lot of young men put all of their identities into their cars, which become their phalusses. So, a combination of lack of self esteem, arrogance (or swagger) and lack of manners all contributes to behavior which will lead to shouting matches and fights. Add a few beers (or tequila shots) and it can get even worse. This crosses racial lines.

The fact that there was apparently only 1 fight like this is, in my view, pretty impressive, even though it was 1 fight too many. There were a lot of young men at this thing.

The fact that there was just the one altercation says a lot for the organizers. So, Jon Dooley should not be hanging his head down right now but holding it up high.

Unfortunately, we can't legislate against bone heads. At least not yet. (I am hoping the BMW lawyers invent something that can tell us who they are on our iDrive screens.)
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