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Originally Posted by Slvr e39 View Post
Actually a very good idea. However, what about those under 18 (usually the stupid drivers anyways) they would have to fax the waver back to their moms lol.

But on that note, we could setup a booth at bimmerfest 08' and have people officially sign up for the drive before hand. Then comes up the problem of people joining the drive without signing up, what about some sort of temporary sticker that would be placed next to the licence plate or something of the sorts to let admins and authorities know who is signed up and on the drive.
I like the idea of a sticker

Also, I know this wouldn't go over well with the CHP but maybe we could ask for a quick traffic break and a longer green light while leaving the fairgrounds.

We would also need two lead cars for the freeway to set the pace (I'll volenteer for one of those positions ...hopefully I'll have my E30 M3 by next year). My point of view is, if there are two responsible drivers in front then what kind of stupid things could the people behind us do? The worst thing would be tailgating but I don't care if they would be on my bumper.
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