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Originally Posted by Buyse13 View Post
you're an asshole. The kid is uneducated as to what the unity shoppe is. So he is a punk for trying to sneak in and doing so successfully last year. Damn all you people seem to forget your teenage years. how many drive in movies did you sneak in to? How many stupid things have you done when you were in college? Get off your damn soap boxes. Im so tired of reading this stuff about "Kids are tearing apart the seams of society".

I am 18. iv been a member here since I was 16. You are being very ignorant as to what the problem here is. He is uneducated as to the cause and the purpose of the event. Yea the kid has a bit of an attitude, he is probably around 16 or 17, same age as I am practically. He is a peer to me. He has the same sort of "stick up his butt" (as you would say) that you probably had when you were this age.

You guys are ridiculous. Bark at him for trying to sneak in, and bark at him for his dishonestly and "shady-ness" But then you turn around and say "Hey lets have beer gardens at a CAR event" Great idea. You might as well call it DUI-fest. If you want to drink and then drive away in your BMW do so that doesn't endanger the better thinking half of the population. Alcohol and auto's(even auto events) do not mix.

EDIT: Just back off the kid. He does not get it. Don't sit and flame him. Tell him whats up and let him be.
The original poster is an idiot, and so are you. You really have no clue as to how immature you sound. And I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain it to you.

Go away.