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Originally Posted by lucky579 View Post
If 1600 people gave me $20 and one was curious as to how the money was being spent I would provide it.
Good for you. But there is nothing that says that has to be done.

Think about businesses, if you say this is Jon's job then I suppose this is his business and if we are contributing, or "compensating" for his hard work then that in a way makes us like shareholders in which we are entitled to the financial information.
This event is not Jon's primary business. He organizes it because he loves BMWs and enjoys the company of most of the people that visit this site and the event. None of us are entitled to any financial information about this event. Period!

So if Jon needs to be compensated for this event, why are we donating money to charity? You don't get rich throwing your money away. Maybe I'm an asshole but I would never give money to the poor/charity. I believe in natural selection and the fittest with survive. Why not lower the price to $10 and not donate to charity.
The whole idea of Bimmerfest is to bring BMW enthusiasts together to share our enthusiasm of cars, meet new and old friends, enjoy a day in the sun, and as an added bonus, give back to the local community for allowing us to gather in their backyard. If you don't like the price of admission or are concerned about where the funds go, don't come! I'm guessing that you and your $20 would not be missed.
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