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Originally Posted by lucky579 View Post
I came late last year and squeezed through the back gate, but this year there were people at both gates.

$20??? for 1600 cars is $32,000 where is that money going? I heard if you bought raffle tickets that money was going to the low income people in Santa Barbara which is ironic since SB is one of the most expensive places to live in the nation so I didn't even stick around for the raffle. With all the raffle tickets too, I bet there was a gross income of over $50,000.

Last time I checked at fairs and stuff the food places had to rent out a spot to have their food booth, I'm thinking that the vendors pay to have a spot too, and the only cost would be the Bimmerfest personnel $10/hr probably 10 of them for a total of 10 hrs, that's only $1000. And the cost to rent out the fairgrounds can't be over $10000.

I don't work hard so that poor people can work less and receive free money.

This might be the last year I support this event.
Originally Posted by lucky579 View Post
so what are the expenses?
Originally Posted by lucky579 View Post
If 1600 people gave me $20 and one was curious as to how the money was being spent I would provide it. Think about businesses, if you say this is Jon's job then I suppose this is his business and if we are contributing, or "compensating" for his hard work then that in a way makes us like shareholders in which we are entitled to the financial information.

So if Jon needs to be compensated for this event, why are we donating money to charity? You don't get rich throwing your money away. Maybe I'm an asshole but I would never give money to the poor/charity. I believe in natural selection and the fittest with survive.
Why not lower the price to $10 and not donate to charity.
Originally Posted by lucky579 View Post
why not have a donation box since all you guys love giving your money away.

edit: what does the $20/car pay for then? How much does it cost to rent out the fairgrounds all said and done? Do sponsors have to pay for a booth? Do the places that provided food, do they have to rent out a place?

Dude im sorry but you're an idiot. Im done trying to stick up for you. You embarrass me.
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